We were honored when the visionary collaborators behind Sourced Workshop asked us to provide florals for their inaugural event in August 2018 at Merrimon Wynne. Amanda Honeycutt of Amanda Blair by Design, Stephanie Cisko of Viva L’Event, and Lauren Watson of Lion House Creative are the best of the best, and we were really inspired by the design vision they brought to the table, and the space they gave us to bring our style into the mix. We kicked off the collaboration with this styled shoot in early Spring of 2018, with the goal of creating some marketing materials for the upcoming workshop designed for burgeoning wedding planners, stylists and photographers.

The timing for this shoot worked out beautifully for us; it was a relatively last-minute plan, but early Spring is our favorite time for flowers and we were able to gather some really special materials from our garden and other local growers, supplemented by some perfect spray roses and Spirea we already had in our cooler. The outcome felt perfectly seasonal, in a palette that was muted but infused with subtle spring tones of mauve, blush, and yellow, and richly textured from foliage to delicate buds to flowering branches.

The beauty of Sourced is in the intention behind the super special, high quality materials provided for participants to play with, style with, and document — the idea being that participants would have a mix of complementary styling elements to draw inspiration from, and further develop and build confidence in their singular personal style and brand identity. We hope you’ll check out our later post on the Sourced Workshop itself (posting this one very retroactively), and follow the collaboration on Instagram for information on participation, and inspiring images from each of the events.


A table full of the most dreamy materials. Many think of March as too early for nice flowers; you have to get closer to the ground and really look, but there are so many delicate textures and interesting color variations to be found in the late winter to early spring garden. Please call us for your March weddings, we love them!


The ladies behind Sourced are true pros at tablescapes; they pulled a lovely mix of classic but uncommon design elements for this shoot & the Summer workshop.

A simple vase full of spirea is a perfectly Spring classic

Notice the bulbs still attached to the tulip stems? We pull them up by the bulb where they can be stored in our cooler for weeks before cutting & putting in water. This really extends the useful life of each tulip variety, since they tend to come on all at once. This variety is ‘Salmon Impression.’ Thanks Allison Kuhn for capturing our materials so beautifully!