This long table was set in a beautiful Midtown backyard in April 2018 for a party previewing Lela Rose’s fall ’18 collection, hosted by Ashley Vermillion and Willa Kane. We’ve been providing weekly florals for Vermillion, a ladies’ boutique in North Hills, for a couple of years now, and we always love working with this stylish group of ladies for special events. We love Ashley’s gravitation towards rich, bold color and out-of-the-ordinary florals, and we can see why she’s such a fan of Lela Rose.

It’s not often that we get to stay at the lovely parties we set up, but this was an exception – we wheeled our flower cart into the backyard and handed out posies to all the guests in custom-made Lela Rose paper baskets. Our floral palette drew directly from Lela’s collection, which was full of lovely textural florals, and we were so thrilled¬†to be able to watch the outfits & bouquets mix and mingle.


Also, what a dream to spend the evening in this garden!

Lela Rose and Ashley Vermillion looking fabulous with their posies.