Penny and Rob celebrated their love with family and friends on a lovely October day in 2019 at The Rickhouse in Durham, NC. We love to see the ways that couples from different cultural backgrounds choose to gather their families and pay homage to their respective traditions. Penny’s family is from Laos, so she worked with her planner Amanda Blair by Design to add plenty of touches throughout the reception that felt true to family’s traditions, like the lanterns on the tables and the dishes served for dinner. The couple held a traditional Laotian ceremony in addition to this one, honoring Penny’s family and introducing Rob’s to their cultural traditions. We love the idea of layering the customs of both families to create something new, that feels like both of you. There’s so much beauty in the many ways we celebrate love.

For their Rickhouse ceremony and reception, Penny and Rob wanted a classic, elegant southern look with neutral, soft hues and lush greenery. To embody this color palette, we chose anemones, astilbe, ranunculus, and roses in blush and white, along with our favorite beige-pink rose, Cappuccino. We love how the Cappuccino made the palette feel more autumnal, and how it complemented the caramel-toned underside of the Southern Magnolia leaves, sourced locally from Weston Farms. For the ceremony, we created four dramatic tall arrangements for the altar space using tall branches of Magnolia and Saltbush. We wove vining greenery through the gold lanterns suspended above, which later added magic to the dance floor. To bring the tables to life, we placed Magnolia around the beautiful gold lanterns on the long tables, and created fun asymmetrical arrangements in etched gold bowls for the round tables. Everything was expertly captured by Radian Photography. Cheers to you, Penny & Rob!