Friends: we have news to share about what’s next for Wylde. We are closing our studio at the end of December, 2021, and taking a pause from flowers to tend to our lives beyond our business. 

This is bittersweet. We continue to love creating beautiful work, meeting brilliant people, and being part of your most tender moments. With our studio lease concluding on the heels of a tough year paying rent through the pandemic, the need to free ourselves of our overhead became clear. Additionally, there is change happening in our lives outside of Wylde, and those areas of the garden need tending. 



This is not a goodbye to flowers, or to making fun things together. We feel strongly about protecting our love of flowers from burnout; we know our fellow creatives understand the challenge of upholding artistic authenticity when the pressures of profit threaten to smother it. There may be a time when we find a new way to offer our floral work to the world (or, maybe not). For now, we have decided to put a pause on Wylde as we know it— to open up more space in our lives and allow what’s next to emerge.



We offer a heartfelt THANK YOU to our wedding clients, garden visitors, flower farmers, retail customers, workshop attendees, pop-up visitors, wedding industry friends, social media cheerleaders, and everyone who put their dollars, time, and trust into our small business. Every small business runs on a lot of heart and thinly stretched resources, and each one of you helped us to do what we love, and make people happy in the process. What a beautiful ripple effect! If you have a story you’d like to share about how our flowers played a role in your life, we’d love to hear from you. Send your stories to with the subject line: wylde stories. 

We will continue to post occasional updates as we have them, so you can continue to keep up with us. Nikelle will be busy mothering her sassy daughter and working on branding and design projects. Hannah will continue to tend the garden, write, and have her weekends free to spend on horseback. We encourage you to keep buying locally grown flowers, sharing beauty with each other, and valuing the artistry and labor of floral design work. 

Onward! Love, Nikelle and Hannah



Photos by Allison Kuhn from the Sourced Workshop promo shoot with Amanda Blair by Design, Viva L’Event and Lion House Events at the Merrimon Wynne House.