About us


We believe in the power of a single stem, placed just so, to tell a story, show love and sympathy, and inspire. That’s why we turn to nature for our own inspiration. Wylde draws upon the principles of color and composition found in the natural world to craft our free-form floral designs in a style we like to consider “Garden Nouveau”.

We offer unique compositions rooted in the botanical particulars of each season. Highlighting flora from our own garden and local farms, we craft arrangements that are wild but delicate, untamed yet elegant: perfectly imperfect. We strive to uncover the magic of the every day, to craft something timeless and wondrous, to capture the essence of a fleeting moment. We harness the beauty of living, breathing materials in order to celebrate and elevate without constraining. Let’s find the perfect flowers to tell your story.


Former art director and graphic designer Nikelle Orellana-Reyes founded Wylde in 2014 because she wanted to merge her expertise in form, composition, and color with her love of nature, using temporal materials to craft timeless moments.

Hannah Ross Clarke joined Nikelle in 2017 after years in sustainable agriculture and nonprofit gardening education. Seeking a more creative outlet for her passions, Hannah introduced a cut-flower program that explores and experiments with the local agricultural cycle. Since then, Wylde has grown to include a garden just outside of downtown, where the two are able to cater materials to their designs and grow blooms that can be hard to find or difficult to source commercially.

Hannah and Nikelle believe floral design is a form of art that deserves a place in everyday life. The only thing they love more than working with flowers is working together to tell the unique stories of their clients through elegant arrangements inspired by the wonder of the natural world and its shifting seasons.